Oh here we go again: covid, what covid? Say the politicians who want a drink

Politicians: are they stupid or are their heads just so far bedded im the sand to care?

First it was Boris, and now his posssee are breaking the very rules they’ve been setting, giving daily (some would call it) scare-mongering briefings and filling up column space in national newspapers.

Earlier today I read that Boris’ minions had a right old knees up in a pub. A pub that wasn’t supposed to not serve alcohol after 6pm (FYI it was after said hour).

From left to right, Labour’s Alan Davies and Conservativea Paul Davis, Darren Miller and Nick Ramsey. Courtesy of BBC

What will they receive? A slap on the risk no doubt, perhaps a guffaw from Boris but no fine, no arrest, no nothing of consequence, quite unlike the rest of us who face a whopping grwat fine for simply going for a walk in a ‘beauty spot’ or sitting on a bench having a coffee because it’s seen as picnicking.

Now, I’m not one for conspiracy theories but is there something we don’t know? Just recently the PM posted on Facebook book about staying home and saving lives.

Not so long ago Boris posted something similar. It’s now not there. Hmm….

The ‘perpetrators ‘ amounted to four members of Parliament, Labour’s Alan Davirs and Conservatives Paul Davies, Darren Miller and Nick Ramsey.

So who and what are supposed to believe? And is it really us general public really the ones doing the spreading?

BBC Wales has been told Labour Member of the Senedd Alun Davies (who’s Twiter account has been disabled) and two others were involved.

A spokesman for the group told the BBC That he had been ‘suspended from the privileges of Senedd Labour Group membership while an investigation takes place into this alleged incident,’ a spokesman for the group told the BBC.

He and two Tories deny breaking rules.

My family are self isolating, I am any going out for essentials and yes, its lonely, boring, scary; schools are closing and businesses are in turmoil.

Boris, sort yourself out. Imply your guidelines on yourself and your staff and stop this ridiculous and deliberate floatation of the law, or guidelines should you wish to call it.

We are looking to you for advice but how can we trust you? Its a farcical of example to say (as I recently posted) ‘do as I say, not as I do’.

Covid is costing more and more lives as this conditions. I’m writing this from hospital where beds are being emptying almost hourly. Its devastating. Alarms are going off constantly, staff are literally running to patients.

This is a PANDEMIC Mr Prime minister, not a joke. And as numbers rise daily you have to ask yourself ‘are you doing enough?’

Step it up and take your responsibility as serious as we (with some selfish people putting police and hospitals under unprecedented pressure’ at risk.

Do yourself and us a favour and stop playing games.

And thank God that my 95 year old grandmother is finally getting a vaccine. I’ve only seen her on Skype since Christmas 2019 and although we talk regularly I miss her terribly.

I pray that we all get is soon 🙏 (not covid is that is, just the importance of sticking to the rules!