Resisting temptation

Sometimes we all want what we can’t have.
Sometimes something is so ingrained in us we feel compelled to do it.

Sound familiar?

Yesterday I found myself looking back, almost fondly, to my time at the Daily Mail when I stumbled upon something I thought could make a story.

Appearing on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, comedian Cariad Lloyd said children shouldn’t be sheileded from the reality of death by being told a loved one ‘has gone to a better place’. Instead, she claimed, parents ought to be straight up with the facts.

Were I still at the Mail I’d pop this on my list of story proposals for the news desk to mull over in conference.

The seed of temptation was placed: should I send a quick email?

Sunday Brunch on Channel
British comedian Cariad Lloyd

I felt the compulsion to log onto my computer and write. Already it was going round in my head in Daily Mail house style.

Maybe I’d write it anyway, post it on here.

So I sat there in front of the TV before reaching the final conclusion that I was not going to. Why? Well, quite simple because I didn’t want to.

As with many of the stories I wrote while I was at The Mail I thought it was rubbish. I mean, who really cares? Someone vaguely famous says something ever so slightly controversial and it becomes news worthy.


But the most important thing for me was that I put myself first. I had a choice.

Addiction follows a similar pattern. The initial temptation, obsession, weighing up the pros and cons of submitting to the desire. It could be set off by walking past a pub, seeing the booze aisle at the supermarket or simply feeling a bit blue.

It does pass though. And I let this one go too. Today I choose to move on and enjoy my day instead.

Tomorrow may be different, who knows. A common phrase in the world of journalism is that you’re only as good as your last story. When it comes to addiction I would say you’re only as strong as your last overcome craving.

I’d love to hear from anyone else going through their journey to recovery about how they resist temptation.

Can you resist temptation?

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